Security for

As a site that obtains very limited user information, we want to ensure that your private details are well-secured and kept away from intruders. We take every precaution to protect our data and keep you fully protected when browsing on

Limited Data Retrieval

Our best casino online website only retrieves limited types of data that doesn’t contain any personal information in regards to your identity. This way, in any scenario there won’t be any crucial data for intruders to steal. 100OnlineCasinos will never ask for any information pertaining to your personal character and won’t obtain any crucial data such as passwords and credit card numbers.


The servers used as are well protected and help to ensure that your information stays behind a tough wall of unbreachable protection. Our servers are equipped with firewall protection as a front line of defense against brute force attacks. On the backlines lays antivirus and malware protection that works to keep intruders from streaming data out from our server databases.

3rd Party Websites

We have no control over 3rd party websites that may link to and from our service. As such, if you click on a link that takes you to another website with a different domain name from, you will be under that 3rd party site’s security protection instead of our own. We choose websites that we feel are quality casinos, with security taking precedence as one of the most important aspects our reviewers seek out. With this in mind, you can be confident that you can safely visit these sites without worrying about leaking information.

Security Services

  • McAfee Secure
  • Norton Safeweb

Content Protection Services

  • DMCA Content Protection Services
  • CopyScape
  • Siteliner

McAfee Secure Protection

McAfee is designed to protect systems on all levels. It can prevent system based, network-based, and even web-based attacks. It adds a layer of defense against Trojans, works, viruses, and so much more. Not only does it secure our servers from attackers, but in turn, this protects our users. Should our system undergo an attack, we are provided with detailed information that can help us to further improve our security whether the attacker is successful or not. This is all wrapped into an optimal resource usage system so that users don’t feel the burden of the added layer of security through slower loading times and results.

DMCA Protection

All content provided by 100OnlineCasinos is protected through DMCA. This protection prevents thieves from being able to use our content in other areas of the web that aren’t under our control. Should we find that our content is being used somewhere else, we reserve the right to have it removed through a DMCA copyright claim.


100OnlineCasinos encourages parents to monitor their children’s activity on gambling sites, as these services are designed for those over the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction. All children should participate in cybersmart; a government developed program that teaches children about internet safety.