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100OnlineCasinos.com has been around since 1996 and has led the world as the top online casinos review website ever since. The goal behind 100OnlineCasinos is to provide updated reviews of various casino websites to help users such as yourself find the best casinos on the web. Almost all casinos offer their very own welcoming bonuses, so we help you get started by showing you how much you can get right off the bat when choosing a new casino to play from.

Casino Websites and Fairness

At 100OnlineCasinos we provide a list of our top 100 picks on the web. These casinos are all thoroughly reviewed to provide you with details on the experience offered by each service. Each casino is provided with a rating out of 5 stars that helps determine the quality of their service. You can click on any of the reviews listed with each casino to learn more about them, or hit the “play now” button to jump right in.

We look for a lot of various qualities in our hand-picked selection of casinos. For starters, we want trusted casinos that are guaranteed to pay out and offer fair odds to users. Many online casinos have a reputation in this regards, so we weed out the bad eggs and make it easy for you to avoid fraudulent services.

Security is another key component of online gambling. We select casinos that constantly update their security features and stay on top of their game. Above all, we know that users want to have fun and win money, so our team has taken the time to try out the selection of games provided by each service to find the most enjoyable options and highest payouts which plays a big part in our ranking system.

The casinos that are reviewed through 100OnlineCasinos are designed for players that are above the legal gambling age of within their jurisdiction. To remain impartial, our website doesn’t accept money in exchange for website listings so you can rest assured that no one is buying their way to the top of our list. However, in order to operate we do use affiliate programs through user sign-ups that provide us with a form of marketing income that keeps the site running. These affiliate programs don’t play any role in the placement of casinos on our ranking list.

We are only here to provide a good service for those that want it, and we understand that gambling can be a serious problem for people that fall victim to addiction. We encourage players to only gamble with money that they don’t need to cover their cost of living. Gambling should only be done as a form of entertainment and not a way of making a living, so please choose to gamble responsibly. If you or someone you know suffers from a gambling addiction, feel free to visit https://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk/ to seek out help anonymously.

The Current UK Online Casinos Industry

According to online casino report experts, the gambling industry in the UK is strong and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. The health of the industry, in general, is due in large part to online casinos UK residents are choosing over the land-based alternatives. Casinos online are progressing with new technology and better regulations from the UK Gambling Commission. In addition, recent statistics point to the online gambling sector’s growth as a preferable option for playing casino games. As online casino bonus offers to improve from new rules, the climate in the UK gambling industry will heavily favor the online casino player.

Online Casinos UK Lead the Way

As one of the most popular choices for gambling, UK online casinos are a strong part of the UK remote sector. Recent casino report analysis reveals that online casinos in the UK bring in about £2.4 billion for the market. Testing and reviewing some of the best online casinos shows why the web-based alternative has grown so rapidly. Regular promotions and hundreds of quality games have led the online casino industry to be not only an alternative but also a preferred choice for the modern player.

Online Slots

Online casinos in the UK currently provide the most common games players can find in a brick-and-mortar casino. Online slots tend to be a popular choice among UK casino players because they are easy to learn and are based on random number generation. Additionally, the biggest names like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech all develop software for slots online. Top online casino sites typically have upwards of 200+ slot games in their collection. Almost every online slot at a UK casino online can be played for free before betting real money.

UK Mobile Casinos

A major advancement in the online casino format is the inclusion of mobile device support. As a step forward in convenience, the best online casinos feature a format that can be used on a tablet or smartphone. Instead of simply offering the website in a mobile version, many online casinos in the UK now have a specific app that is available for iOS and Android operating systems. Players can also expect to see the occasional online casino report update highlighting promotions that are exclusively part of playing through the mobile format.

Online Casino Banking and Bitcoin Casinos

Payments for playing at any online casino in the UK have progressed as much as the casino sites themselves. Players will be able to make deposits and withdrawals using their preferred currency. In addition, the industry provides numerous options with which to complete transactions. Online money-sharing services such as Skrill and Neteller are supported by nearly every modern online casino. Credit card payments are also possible, and most casinos do not charge a fee for the transaction. Even Bitcoin casinos are now springing up due to the rapid growth of the digital currency’s value.

Online Poker UK

Poker has historically been a popular card game among players across the globe. However, the game grew to new heights when the Texas Hold’Em craze took hold years ago. At the present time, casino report editors indicate that UK online poker can be played at a number of popular sites. These websites include online casinos that offer poker, as well as sites that are specifically dedicated to the card game. As no player is exactly the same, online poker UK sites have different styles of the game with various buy-ins and betting options.

Video poker online is a staple of many UK online casinos, and it is widely considered an easy game to learn. The video poker format draws from the rules of five card stud poker. Players first place a bet, either with real money or demo credits. This casino game then deals out a hand of five cards to the player, who will have the option to keep all five or exchange poker cards. The outcome of the game is determined by whether the player’s final hand matches any winning combinations in the paytable. A typical video poker online game offers multipliers on the original ranging from 5x for a pair of jacks or higher all the way up to 2,000x for the elusive royal flush. The format of online video poker only requires limited knowledge of the game, making it an ideal option for newer players.

Poker online played in the traditional table style comes in different versions. Although there are countless variations of the card game, UK online casinos typically host it in the form of Texas Hold’Em and Caribbean Stud. The styles of poker cater to the player’s preference. Players can choose a solo game at a table or multiplayer games with other UK casino members. Since online poker is partially a game of skill, the player can choose to play for free at first to learn the basics. Certain games in the style of poker online also include a progressive jackpot.

UK Live Casino Format

Since the advent of the online casino in the middle of the 1990s, an obstacle facing sites is the replication of a real casino floor. New advances in software now allow players to join UK online casinos and participate in the live casino format. The innovative concept puts an actual dealer in charge of table games like blackjack and roulette. Dealers are streamed live with HD video quality from online casino studios in the UK and abroad. In addition, online roulette players and online blackjack players will join each other at the table, creating a more social atmosphere.

Evolution Gaming is a leading provider of live casino software in Europe. With its content hosted by many top-tier UK online casinos, the developer has a major presence in the region. The company was started in 2006 and specializes in business-to-business distribution of its world-class gaming. Evolution Gaming works with online casinos in the UK such as 888 Casino, LeoVegas, and Ladbrokes. The games from Evolution are hosted from a studio facility that is over 2,000 square meters. For its work, Evolution Gaming has won numerous awards throughout the years including Digital Product of the Year at G2E, 2017 in Las Vegas.

NetEnt is well-known for its online casino UK gaming content, but the developer also has an expansive live casino portfolio. The immersive experience that NetEnt seeks to create is optimized for modern gaming, especially on the player’s mobile device. NetEnt live casino games use chroma key technology that allows UK casinos to brand the content according to their needs. The live dealer games from NetEnt come in 25 different languages and share a simple user interface. Games from the NetEnt live casino library include tailored rewards programs that cater to players who prefer this format.

The UK live casino format spans beyond just that of developer studios. New leaps are being made in how live dealers are presented to the player, including hosting games at actual land-based casinos. Using this concept, players will come as close to the casino floor as possible without having to leave home. In addition, online casino companies are looking into the use of virtual reality for live dealer games. VR technology has already become a viable option for single-player casino games and is projected to expand. Though it is in its infancy, VR live casino software is set to boost the online industry.

UK Gambling Commission

There is perhaps no better-known regulatory agency than the UK Gambling Commission. This agency is the main source for licensing and regulations if a gambling operator wishes to do business in the United Kingdom. The agency also releases casino report data for review on a regular basis.

The UK Gambling Commission was created over a decade ago as part of the passage of the Gambling Act 2005. In order to consolidate regulatory efforts, the Gambling Commission also took over handling matters related to the National Lottery and the National Lottery, etc. Act of 1993.

A primary purpose of the UK Gambling Commission is to ensure safe and fair gambling, protecting the consumer as a result. The agency seeks to prevent excessive gambling and addiction through proper regulations, while also facilitating entertainment and the freedom of choice for UK players.

This regulatory body works as the “middleman” for the government, the consumer, and other similar regulators. The UK Gambling Commission aims to make the most effective use of authority and resources to mitigate risks.

Although cases are treated with due process, the UK Gambling Commission is not afraid to take action if casino operators do not correct violations. Because of its no-nonsense approach to enforcement, the Gambling Commission has been part of high-profile casino report news. Most recently, the UK Gambling Commission slapped William Hill casino with a massive fine of £6.2 million.

The fine stems from William Hill’s violation of anti-money laundering measures enacted years ago. William Hill will be required to pay £5 million as the base fine, and £1.2 million in estimated revenue from the illegal transactions. This violation took place over the course of two years, from 2014 to 2016.

In an effort to protect players, the UK Gambling Commission has also addressed how online gambling sites are offering bonuses. Collaborating with the Competition and Markets Authority, the Gambling Commission has formally notified online casino providers and betting shops online that welcome bonuses must become less misleading.

Specifically, the UK Gambling Commission has stressed that gambling operators online need to clearly present terms and conditions. In addition, much of the advertising language such as “free bonus” or “bet now” must be changed. The recent moves by the UK Gambling Commission reiterate the agency’s serious approach to regulation.

Industry Statistics for the UK

The UK Gambling Commission releases a biannual online casino report and general industry statistics. This report is broken down into individual factors that contribute to the industry as a whole. By way of transparency, the Gambling Commission enables players to understand the current climate.

In addition, each player can gain insight into how each type of gambling plays a part in boosting the economy. The statistics are an excellent resource for understanding the health of gambling online in the UK. Included are the most prominent bits of info regarding online gambling in particular. More detailed information can found by visiting the UK Gambling Commission website.

Overall, the gambling industry in Great Britain brought in a total of £13.8 billion as its gross gambling yield or GGY. This statistic comes from a fiscal period starting in April of 2016 and running through March of 2017. The recently reported GGY is a 1.8-percent increase over the previous time period. The industry is also employing over 100,000 individuals and is a major part of the British workforce.

There are a little over 8,500 betting shops within Great Britain. Although the total GGY has gone up, the number of betting shops has actually decreased. Additionally, there are 583 physical locations at which individuals can play bingo. As far as land-based casinos, Great Britain has 146 venues that the player can visit, which is a single casino more than the previous number of 145 in March 2017.

Although the numbers for gambling at land-based venues are healthy, the real noticeable growth is coming from the remote gambling sector, or online casinos and betting websites. The remote gambling sector reflects a considerable amount of recent growth, equal to a 10.1-percent rise over the previous report. Remote gambling’s GGY was £4.7 billion, which is 34 percent of the total market.

On a side note, there are more than 182,000 gaming machines in Great Britain. These machines include slots and video poker among others, but do not take online casino games into consideration.

The most recent report shows that the National Lottery generated £1.5 billion for charitable causes. Although this is a large number, it is a disappointing 16.9-percent decrease from the last time it was studied. Smaller-scale lotteries brought in a total of £255.6 million for similar causes.

The gambling industry in the UK remains a rewarding foundation for online casinos and players alike. With advancements in technology and more opportunities, the UK is bound to be an integral part of the growth in global gaming.